The North Face 50k Endurance Challenge

Sept 17th 2016


Runners: Petra Rose and Gladys Najar


It all started when...

My running buddy Petra asked me to run the TNF 50k with her.

The race would be her long run for the Chicago Marathon that would be happening on Oct 9th 2016.

I said sure why not.

We arrived Friday night and checked in to The Extended Stay America in Waukesha WI. Got dinner at the Texas Road house, and got back to our room and finished the final details of what to bring for the race. We set our alarms early for 4:30 am.

We got up showered, had some breakfast in our room and then headed out to the race.

The race was about a half hour away and we had plenty of time, but little did we know, that we would not find the start, until another lost runner saw us driving along and asked us if we were lost? We said yes and were freaking out, because it was 6:30 am and and we had no idea how to get to the start. What was interesting about the woman who was helping us, was that she had a huge teddy bear in the passenger seat.  You could say if it was not for this awesome runner we would have been late to the start. Runners are so awesome!!

We followed her, and she got us to the start in time to do Gear Check and get to use the clean bathrooms, yep no porto potties, yeah!!

Me and Petra were wave 3, the morning was cool and no rain in the forecast. But by 10:00am the temps would go up to 75 which did worry me a bit. Off we went and boy were we excited, lots of people cheering us at the start and the photographer got us running at the start, which was pretty cool.